Is the Mortgage Assignment Profit System a Scam?

Let’s discuss the controversial question: Is the Mortgage Assignment Profit System a Scam?

When I first looked at this system, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t another course that was only trying to sell you something else or a course that simply didn’t have the “goods”.  You see, I’ve spent the last two years building up my real estate business.  My business is based on trust and integrity and I can NOT risk being affiliated with a scam, or any type of illegal activity or my business would go down the crapper.  (Excuse my explicitness…)

When I got the mortgage assignment profit system and was able to sit down and review the entire manual myself, I made a checklist of what I would need to know in order to get out and make money this week.  Here was my list:

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  • Who is my target real estate prospect and how do I find them?
  • What are the best real estate marketing strategies for sellers?  For buyers?
  • What do I say to these real estate prospects when they call me?
  • How do I evaluate the real estate lead to determine if I can turn it into a deal?
  • How do I present the real estate solution and overcome objections?
  • What real estate contracts do I need and how do I fill them out?
  • How do I market the property once I have it under contract?
  • Once I find a buyer, what do I need to have them sign?
  • What do I need to know in order to close the real estate deal?
  • When working with buyers, where do I go to find the homes already on the real estate market?
  • How do I get paid?

The reason I made this list was because, I was NOT about to risk my integrity, my business, the trust my business partner’s have with me, not to mention my good reputation that I’ve been working on building for the last 2 years…  I wasn’t about to risk ALL of that over some new real estate course that doesn’t fulfill it’s promise.

Ultimately, Phill Grove is someone I know, trust and respect, but if the Mortgage Assignment Profit System didn’t have the CONTENT and value it promised, there was NO WAY I was going to promote it.

After reviewing the entire system from top to bottom, every item on my list was covered in more detail that I had anticipated.  In most instances, I found not just one  resource that answered each item, but numerous.

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