How Does The Mortgage Assignment Profit Sytem Work?

The Mortgage Assignment Profit System is simple.  In a nutshell, you market to buyers and sellers, create traffic and real estate leads to your website or phone calls to your business, and turn those real estate leads into sales.  Looking at the concept, it works just like any other business with a few subtle differences.

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One unique difference is the strategy itself.  The Mortgage Assignment Profit System is one of the most comprehensive real estate investing marketing courses we’ve ever gone through.  We only use a few of the real estate investing marketing strategies suggested in this course simply because when we attempted to implement them all, we couldn’t keep up with all the leads coming in.  One interesting fact is that this real estate investing strategy has been beta tested successfully over the past 16 months here in Austin and now that it’s online, it’s totally wide open for opportunity.

Another interesting point is the fact that you will learn much more than just Mortgage Assignments.  That’s JUST the start!  You’ll learn numerous other no equity and low equity real estate investing strategies to enable you to turn nearly every real estate lead you get into a deal.  As you begin to earn a substantial income with the Mortgage Assignment Profit System you will have realized that your skills enable you to make money in nearly every situation you come across, and if you so choose, the ultimate quest would be to create your own real estate team consisting of both real estate agents and real estate investors and be the first to build and dominate this business in your city.

Here’s how the Mortgage Assignment Profit System works as a whole.  When we teach our agents the mortgage assignment process, we typically explain it in 3 simple steps.  In the first step you are concentrating on real estate marketing and lead processing.   We suggest using inexpensive and free real estate marketing strategies to start, so you can fine tune your process and begin building an income.  Once you start getting good at converting prospects consistently, that’s the best time to increase your real estate marketing budget.   Then, when the call comes in, that’s where lead processing begins. This is where you take the call, gather information, evaluate the deal and present a solution.

Step 2 would be the presentation, conversion and getting the property under contract.  This step takes practice, just like any sales presentation. The most important factor here is learning how to overcome objections.  Getting the property under contract is as simple as learning what documents you need and knowing how to fill them out.

Finally, step 3 is marketing for the buyer and closing the deal.  Buyers are incredibly easy to find.  In fact this is another little nugget I’ll share quickly:  When you start out learning the mortgage assignment profits system, a quick way to generate cash and start building cash reserves is by marketing and helping buyers only.   You’ll learn more about how to do this in the course.  In our opinion, this one strategy alone, is worth more than the price of the course.

What it all boils down too, is proper TRAINING and taking ACTION.  You can start ANY business you want, real estate or otherwise, but without proper training… without LEADS for your business, you don’t have a business.  The Mortgage Assignment Profit System shows you how to create those leads and convert them into real estate profits.


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