How Do I Make Money With The Mortgage Assignment Profit System?

If you’re anything like we are, you don’t get into any program until you say “Show me the money…”  Okay, maybe not exactly – but I know that’s what you’re thinking.  You want to know that as a real estate investor or real estate agent, if this is going to be worth your investment – both your TIME investment and your MONEY investment.  So we’re going to explain to you how to make money with the Mortgage Assignment Profit System, why this is the simplest and easiest way to create a substantial income, and what you’re going to want to do to grow your income even more than just with the system.

First, let me just tell you what a sigh of relief this strategy and course offers in today’s real estate investing market.  You see, many real estate investor gurus sell you a product that not only teaches just ONE concept but it typically requires you to buy another product in order to fully learn or implement the real estate  strategy they originally sold to you.   In the end, you just keep racking up more and more costs.

The Mortgage Assignment Profit System is NOT like that at all.  You get it all at once and not only do you get the main strategy, which is the Mortgage Assignment Program, but you also get the goods on every other low and no equity real estate investing strategy as well.   All content and no fluff, and certainly no required additional purchase in order to start using what you’ve learned to start making money!  Your only expenses become your MARKETING expenses… and last time I checked, marketing is an investment to create PROFITS.  Everything you spend in your business should directly correlate with an action that will create you profits.

Ok.  So maybe you need to buy a website and hosting, or use an auto responder.  No big deal.  Those things are nothing compared to what I see other real estate investors and real estate agents spending in their businesses!  This is SOO much easier.

So, now you’re marketing and you’re starting to get phone calls.  You charge nothing for your consultation to your prospects and you, as an educated real estate investor or real estate agent, offer them choices they had no idea existed and hadn’t heard from anyone else.  Suddenly, they think you’re their hero and you’ll hear them say, “why didn’t anyone else tell me I had these options???”

So you get the home seller under contract and you start to market their home.  Your decision of how much of an assignment fee or real estate commission you want to earn  is based on a few variables.  Location, Condition, Loan Details, Contract Negotiation, etc

Let’s say, you have a house in a great neighborhood, only 2 years old, and the seller just wants out and the loan terms are favorable.  I suggest starting off with a $10,000 assignment fee if you are a real estate investor or some percentage of a real estate commission that is similar if you are a licensed real estate agent.  If you choose to do this, your profit will be determined by whether the buyer or seller can play closing costs and if their is another real estate investor or real estate agent involved.  If you can quickly find a buyer and get it under contract, you have the potential of making $10,000 as quickly as all parties agree to close.  Not bad, huh?

Even if closing costs needed to be paid from the assignment fee and you had to split your assignment fee with another real estate investor or real estate agent, you’d still make a minimum of $4,000!   How many houses do you think you could do this with a month?  Well, I’ll tell you that I’ll by myself, I could manage about 4 a month, but our best month has been almost double that.  Now that’s a nice pay day!

When it comes to marketing, there are some things I will still do myself but typically, I will leverage myself by hiring a worker or an agency to do this for me.  As a entrepreneur/business owner/real estate investor or real estate agent, you need to focus on the activities that will pay you $100+/hour rather than the $10/hour activities.  This is why business owners hire ‘employees’.  They focus on working ON their business, not IN their business.


Now, we are also launching a special coaching program with Phill Grove to give you even more support and access to a team in order to help you build your real estate business.

All the details have not yet been sorted out, but this new program should help you in a more “real time” manner with real estate investing deals you have in the hopper, marketing strategies, overcoming objections, analyzing deals, or whatever else you need help with as you build your business. Plus, we are always happy to share any new tips and strategies that we’ve found that are increasing our lead generation and conversion rates.

To get notification about this new coaching program, make sure you have signed up for our confidential report.  Everyone who has signed up for that report will get all of our updates as new systems and tools get created.  Plus, we always like to give away cool free stuff!


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