MAPS Bonus

Welcome to the M.A.P.S. Family!!

It’s time to dig in!  I hope you’ve been watching all of Phill’s videos and I hope you have all your marketing material ready.   Whatever you do….DON’T WAIT – get your marketing going and start taking calls!  You’ll learn MORE by doing than you ever will by reading or watching videos!

Of course, make sure you still read through and watch everything because these are all tools that will help you cheat the learning curve.  Just don’t make the mistake of not starting right away just because you don’t know “everything” yet.   Keep in mind – we knew NOTHING when we started so you’re already a step ahead of us!

Now go get a deal already!! 🙂

BONUS #1: Click Here To Download Our Master Marketing Templates

BONUS #2:  Seller Video Script Part I

By the way…we did these videos on the fly and if you haven’t noticed yet, I talk fast and sometimes can’t even keep up with my own brain!   So… there are a few things I saw when I played these back that I don’t usually say in an actual appointment.  I typically slow down with clients because they aren’t experienced like you and I am more careful about “what I say” and “how I say it”.   So, take these videos scripts to use as a guideline for your appointments, don’t use them word for word.

BONUS #2 cont.:  Seller Video Script Part II

BONUS #3:  Buyer Video Script

BONUS #4:  How To Leverage Yourself As a Realtor®

(Investors – watch this too so you know what I teach Realtors and then go get a partner that is licensed and let them watch this!)

BONUS #5:  How To Maximize Traffic To Your House

More Marketing Notes:

For Bandit Signs – We order blank yellow signs from and we use a huge black marker and write on them ourselves so that we can test different messages.   Here is what our best performing signs say:




No Equity Okay



4 beds / 2.5 baths

No Banks Needed

Owner Will Finance



Rent To Own Homes

4 beds / 2.5 bath

No Banks Needed


NOTE:  Buyer Sign #2 is one we put out in major intersections when we are looking for buyers and this is going to make your phone blow up.  We use the words “Rent To Own” because it’s familiar language to buyers who don’t understand “Owner Will Finance”.  You’ll have to weed through the calls but your phone will absolutely ring like crazy.

Also, check your city rules on bandit signs.  They are not allowed here in Austin and we take a chance every time we use them that we may get found and fined $1000.  We use cricket phones and we never say who we are on the phone so we can’t get tracked.  If you use bandit signs, you do so at your own risk! 😉