I Made This Page Secret! Shhhhhh

Okay – so I guess, so many people have been viewing this free report that google indexed it and it’s showing up for free!  This is supposed to be a secret!!  😉

First things first…

Click Here to Download The Mortgage Assignment Manifesto

Extra Bonus: Here is my free 30 minute video report that was intended to be a written report but I ran out of time to write it up!!  The good thing for you is that I went into a ton more stuff than I had planned since I was just recording it instead of planning out what to share with you.

So, without further delay – click play and check it out!

There is a HUGE buzz in the realtor and investor community about the new Mortgage Assignment Program….and so there should be!!!

I am a realtor and investor and I am still a “baby” as many would say.  Yet, the past 16 months I have learned how to do mortgage assignments and my business has exploded!  I have built 4 real estate businesses from the ground up as a result of learning this one strategy alone.

My broker stopped marketing for traditional deals entirely and she only markets for mortgage assignments because of the huge demand for this type of expertise and help.

You don’t have to believe me or take my word for it…CLICK HERE to go watch Phill Grove’s Launch videos and look at all the realtors, brokers and investors in that community who are jumping on board because they want to build their business around this new strategy.

This HAS not been even targeted for the realtor audience yet, only investors!!  So any of you realtors or brokers who get on board now, get to help start the trend instead of jumping on board after there is a ton of competition.

Plus – check out all of our FREE M.A.P.S. Goodies including my 30 minute free report I recorded above with some of the inside secrets I have learned over the past 16 months.  One of the most important is….investors NEED to find a realtor who knows how to do these and partner with them!  Realtors NEED to find an investor who knows how to do these and partner with them!

This is not crucial to your success but if you do just that one thing- you’ll kick the competitions rear end, I promise!!