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Realtors & Investors (Brand New or Seasoned):

There is a HUGE buzz in the realtor and investor community about the new Mortgage Assignment Program….and so there should be!!!

I am a realtor and investor and I am still a “baby” as many would say.  Yet, the past 16 months I have learned how to do mortgage assignments and my business has exploded!  I have built 4 real estate businesses from the ground up as a result of learning this one strategy alone.

My broker stopped marketing for traditional deals entirely and she only markets for mortgage assignments because of the huge demand for this type of expertise and help.

This HAS not been even targeted for the realtor audience yet, only investors!!  So any of you realtors or brokers who get on board now, get to help start the trend instead of jumping on board after there is a ton of competition.

Check out my 30 minute free video report I recorded with some of the inside secrets I have learned over the past 16 months.  Plus, my partner just wrote a “Mortgage Assignment Manifesto”…it’s 50+ pages of content, blast off plans, tips on how to get buyers and sellers chasing you, I talk about 7 deals we closed in a month and we even give you our highest converting marketing letter….all for FREE!

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