More Buyer Feedback…

“Dani Lynn and her Team have been super helpful in every way possible. Have helped me several times in getting started with the MAPS Program. Nice people to be associated with and offer ongoing support , especially fast response to my questions and asking for info pieces I needed. John Dunn, CT.”

Thanks John!!!

I wanted to share some feedback with you regarding Dani and her team, Jimmy and Flip.  I have been extremely impressed with all aspects of my relationship with them.  Since I purchased MAPS, they did everything they said they would and more.  They answered my questions promptly through email, the phone, along with answering everyone’s questions on webinars. I would like to add that  I actually enjoy listening and participating in the webinars.  They are the real deal!  You can tell they love what they do and they are great at their job.  They really love to help and want others to succeed.  They know how to explain a simple or complicated situation in a way that is easy to understand.  I highly recommend them and you can contact me directly and I would gladly tell you the same.
Thank you.”  Howard G.

Thanks Howard!!!

“I’ve been in contact with Dani after I purchased the MAPS system. Dani has been able to quickly answer all of my questions and she has made some great recommendations to quick start my MAPS business plan. The webinars hosted by Dani also provide a wealth of information concerning marketing and selling techniques. A great learning experience for any real estate investor!”

Steve Z

Thanks Steve!!!

“To Whom It May Concern:

This is in reference to Dani Lynn, Flip and Jimmy.  Although it has been via email – It has been my good fortune to become acquainted with the above-referenced individuals.  Due to their open, gracious and receiving nature, I feel as if I know them personally.  I have been on their webinars and have come away encouraged and with more knowledge about the MAPS program.  The videos they recorded on role-playing, regarding MAPS, have been invauable!  In fact, I’m going to watch them again as a refresher course!

I really appreciate how prompt they are in responding to emails, because usually, when I send an email, it’s because I’m facing a dilemma which is time sensitive and I’m not always able to wait until a webinar to obtain an answer.”


Kathy Valdez
MAPS Student
RE-Volution Student

Thanks Kathy!!!