Meet Vincent Farrelli

Vincent Farrelli is broker and owner of a local Austin, Texas real estate company.  He purchased the Mortgage Assignment System in November of 2010.  Read below to see how’s he’s doing…

Dani Lynn,

My overall experience with you and your team has been outstanding!

I signed up for the MAPS Program in November of 2010 with a business partner.  Our initial phone conversation asking you questions about your “best practices” of what is currently working was a great help to get us started quickly and in the right direction.

We followed your advice and began our first marketing campaign with a piece that you recommended and we immediately began getting phone calls, “just like you said we would!”  We have been on three appointments and have signed up one Seller in the MAPS program.  Due to the holidays we are still trying to schedule appointments with three other Sellers in the neighborhood.

After getting the paperwork completed with signing up our first Seller, we emailed you with the “next steps” and you were very quick in responding to our questions relating to specifics of how and where to market for buyers. With additional information / clarifications from your last webinars we have identified a potential buyer for our first deal and should know if we can put it together by the MAPS Live Weekend Workshop on the 15th of January.

Thank you for all the time you and your team devote to helping us via webinars, emails and phone calls, it is truly appreciated!


Vincent Farelli, Broker / Owner
Farelli and Associates Real Estate