Meet Lannae

About three months ago I bout a program from Phil Grove called RE_Volution.  The program was amazing.  You could train at your own pace and every two weeks Phil would host an on-line coaching session.  About halway through the program, Phil launched a seperate program called MAPS.  After learning so much about the Maps program through the ReVolution Program I wanted it too.  The potential for making good money was there and I wanted in on the action.  However, I was a little short on cash at the moment, between paydays.

I immediately contacted Dani Lynn and her husband, Flip who helped me get the program right away and then billed me on my payday.  Within a couple of days, I could access the maps Program and the REI Matcher.  The training videos and bonus material is awesome.  Dani Lynn is also always quick to respond to my questions and give me advise.  I feel like I have a team right at my fingers who can help me put together any deal in any situation.

Phil is a great teacher and Dani Lynn takes it further with her personal touch to helping me when I need it.  I am also going to Austin for a four day workshop that was INCLUDED in my course.  All I had to pay for was my lodging and transportation.  Imagine getting hands on coaching and training with top coaches for FREE.  Unbeleavable!

This is probably the best investment I have ever made.  I didn’t just buy a training program but I bought of team of people willing to teach me and to help me in my real estate investing.

Thank you for the awesome material and support