Who Is Phill Grove?

If you ask me who Phill Grove is, my answer would be,

“Phill Grove is the most knowledgeable real estate investor I have ever met and he is truly the real deal.”

Phill Grove

Although I always knew that I had the drive and determination to make millions of dollars doing something, Phill Grove is the man who brought that opportunity to my doorstep through the education I received through his courses.   Phill Grove is not one of those mentors and gurus who only teaches.  Phill Grove actively does deals every single day and he actively keeps you updated on the most cutting edge strategies out there.

I could go on and on about what I think of Phill Grove, and no, I’m not just saying this because I am one of Phill’s past students.  All of my fellow team members and mentor students can attest to the research I did before we ever purchased anything from Phill Grove.

When push came to shove, Phill Grove was heads above the competition and becoming one of Phill Grove’s mentor students is one of THE greatest decisions I’ve ever made.   Plus, whenever you recommend someone so strongly, you put your reputation at risk and after spending the last 2 years building 4 real estate companies, I can guarantee you that I don’t take this recommendation lightly.

So, now that you’ve heard my opinion, let me tell you a little bit more about Phill Grove:

Since 2003, Phill Grove went from working a 9 – 5 job to making over $1 Million dollars a year and living in the below $3.8 Million Dollar mansion. He has done over 1000 short sales, and bought, sold, and/or renovated over 100 foreclosures, renovations, and construction projects working with over 100 partners and clients.

Phill Grove currently closes about 20 deals a month, many of those deals come from his students whom he partners with to help them make money too! When speaking with fellow Investors & Students, you’ll often hear them say…

“Phill Grove is the REAL DEAL”

… and Phill Grove is probably most well known for…

Giving “Newbies” a Short Cut to Success & Turning Experienced Real Estae Investors & Real Estate Agents into High-Paid Real Estate Superstars.

In fact, Phill Grove has personally trained and coached hundreds of Real Estate Investors on the “12 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate”, as well as marketing and lead processing strategies that work, and business planning strategies needed to build a successful real estate company.

In addition to that…

Phill Grove is the Founder and President of Love American Homes, Love Austin Homes and Hippie Hollow Homes, LP of Austin, Texas. These companies provide real estate services to investors and real estate agents nationally.

In addition to running these companies, Phill Grove is an active member of the Texas real estate investing community. He also helped establish the Texas Association of Real Estate Investors (TxREIA), a statewide association created to promote ethical standards in real estate investing. Locally, Phill is active in the Austin real estate clubs as a board member of the Austin Real Estate Investment Club (REICAustin) and the President of the Austin Real Estate Networking Club (Austin RENC) – the largest investment club in Central Texas.

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