Is Phill Grove All Hype?

I guess it’s a fact of life that you can’t please everyone and there has got to be someone who doesn’t like Phill Grove, but I haven’t personally met anyone who has met Phill, taken any of his courses and not said that Phill was the genuine article.

Unlike other investor guru’s who upsell you to other products in order to really learn what you need to know.  Phill Grove gives you the whole sha-bang right from the start!

My personal opinion is that if you take any of Phill’s courses and you still don’t succeed in the real estate investing arena, it’s not because you didn’t have the tools, it’s because you didn’t take enough action.

Phill Grove has personally trained and coached hundreds of Real Estate Investors on the “12 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate”, as well as marketing and lead processing strategies that work, and business planning strategies needed to build a successful real estate company.

But don’t be mistaken, Phill Grove doesn’t just teach, he does deals every day and he stays on top of  current laws and legislation.  Phill Grove continues to mentor numerous students through the Love American Homes Mentoring Program.

Phill Grove’s background is that he graduated from George Washington University with degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Born of western Kansas roots, and raised in the North East, he “got to Texas” as quick as he could.

Phill became a full-time real estate investor in 2003 after retiring from a successful 16 year high-tech career, where he worked as an electrical engineer, field applications engineer, sales person, sales manager, national sales manager, marketing executive, and ultimately as a director or vice president of marketing for a Fortune 500 company and several start-up companies.

Phill Grove began real-estate investing part-time in the mid 90’s and now owns many properties throughout central Texas.

Phill has been living in central Texas since 1994.  He loves spending time with his wife, Shenoah and their new son, Zilker Moon Grove.

They reside in a 10,000 foot estate (they got through a short sale) on 2.5 acres in Barton Creek of Austin, TX.

Phill is an avid techie and loves working on his home automation projects. Their home was featured on KXAN News as Austin’s Most High Tech Home.


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